Top 7 Reasons Why Beatboxing Is More Popular Than Ever?

You may have noticed that the world of beatboxing has been rising in popularity. There are more beatboxers, beatbox fans and people that know a great deal about the art form than ever before. But why is music of the mouth gaining so much traction? 

Let's take a look at the top 7 reasons that beatbox culture is growing so fast.


More and more people are searching for a creative outlet. Many are also looking for something that is a bit different to try. Beatboxing, therefore, becomes a great choice as it ticks both these boxes and it's a skill that requires no expensive equipment in order to practice.


It's not only for hip-hop enthusiasts any more - it can be used in any genre of music. From the sounds of classical instruments like the violin and an entire brass section to full-on electronic sound tracks - beatboxers are finding ways to manipulate their voices like never before.


The world-wide-web has made it easier to find beatbox performance videos, tutorials, battles and more. The world of beatboxing is literally at our fingertips. The real fact is all the new styles and ways that this art form can be used are available to view on our devices, immediately. If the cyber algorithms pick up that you're interested in beatboxing, you're gonna receive a whole load of beatbox content via multiple channels.


More people are interested in learning this skill because they have been amazed by watching another beatboxer perform (and there are more beatbox performances on display). To be a beatboxer is a bit like being a magician. Audiences wonder how a beatboxer manages to make all those sounds at the same time and of course it's a great feeling to have an entire audience in bewilderment. Many of the best beatboxers on the planet today, caught the beatbox buzz by watching another vocal specialist showcasing their skills. The power of inspiration. And it's growing!


People want to be a part of something, it's a fact. Whether it's being part of a culture, a group or a team. Beatbox culture worldwide is growing fast with regular jam sessions, meetups and new friends to be made.


Amazing beatbox skills are being displayed by children now too. Kids as young as 5 years old are showing off some incredible routines. The demographic is broadening. This is largely due to beatbox videos and online tutorials that are aimed at engaging children. There are also a rising number of workshops for children.


The human voice is arguably the most versatile instrument on the planet. Beatboxing (and other vocal artistry such as singing and spoken word)  is being used to collaborate with other musicians, as a tool for writing songs, to improve coordination and memory, to keep the brain stimulated and also just for fun. People are finding more ways to incorporate the art of mouth music into new areas. We've heard the likes of flute-beatboxing but there are also some amazing acts out there that use the vocals in both entertaining and extraordinary ways.

Is it time to start learning? 

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