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Beatbox Pro Online course

With the Beatbox Pro online course you will learn all the essential beatbox sounds and techniques plus sound effects like 'Throat Bass', 'The Buzz', 'The Pop', 'The Vocal Scratch' and the 'Dance Bass'. You will learn how to put each sound effect into rhythms plus a big selection of More Beats and Rhythm Exercises, Advanced Beats and Rhythm Exercises, Advanced Sound Effects and Liproll Lessons By NaPom.

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Access your lessons any time you like and learn at your own pace
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Are you ready to learn The Most Immediate Way To Express your Musical creativity?

Human Beatboxing - The Fastest Way To Express your Music From Idea To Creation

The moment that you think of a melody or a tune - You can try and re-create it with your vocals right? You might whistle it, hum it or sing it out. With beatboxing you can take it to a whole new level. When you hear or feel a rhythm, bass-line or cool sound effect with the right beatbox skills you can re-create those with your voice too. The best part is, you can put the whole thing together and have the beat, the bass, the melody, sound effects and even the lyrics all happening at the same time. 

People Love Learning With Us..

Took my beatboxing to another level

Danny's an absolute legend. Completely took my beatboxing to another level in just one lesson. His course is extremely comprehensive as well, and it seems like he's always updating it. If you're even just slightly interested in improving your beatboxing, even if just for fun, I'd highly recommend working with School of Beatbox in whatever way makes sense for you. Cheers Danny!

Cameron Hill

Helped me massively

The school of beatbox online course has helped me massively. The online videos really help develop new sounds and rhythms. This really ticked boxes for me as it supplied a step by step breakdown of how the noises are made. Danny is so clear through all of this that I feel I am really able to follow him and skip back through the video if needs be. Even if you already have some of the basics down you can still pick up new ideas just by watching Danny, it almost instantly changed the way I beatbox.

Jamie Lynch

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Teaches The Course?

You are in safe hands with School Of Beatbox. All courses are mainly led by UK championship beatboxer, Danny Ladwa. Danny has over 15 years of beatbox teaching experience and over 28 years of beatboxing experience including international touring and recording. 

Can I Buy A Course As A Gift?

Yes, absolutely. Once you purchase your course you can download a gift certificate from the confirmation page.

What If I change My Mind?

No problem. If you decide you don't want the beatbox course, you can get a full refund as long as you let us know within 7 days of purchase. Just send an email to

How Long Is The Course?

Some people take longer than others to master a particular beatbox sound or technique so the length of the course varies person to person. This is a great tool to come back to at any time to freshen up those beatbox skills or learn something new.

When Can I start?

As soon as you purchase your course you will receive your login details via email. Once you receive these, you can login and start your beatbox course straight away.

What Is Lifetime Access?

Exactly that! You will be able to access your course forever, whenever you like. 

What About Course Updates?

You receive instant access to all new lessons added to the course. You will be notified via email when your new content is ready to view. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

Get better at beatboxing in 7 days or get your money back! That's how much we believe in it!

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Over 50 Lessons
Essential Sounds, Breathing, Bass, Fills
Basic Beats & Rhythm Exercises
PRO Beats & Rhythms
Liproll Lessons with NaPom Module
Beatbox Tips Module
Access To All Future Lessons
Lifetime Access

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