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School Of Beatbox delivers beatbox workshops in Schools, Events, Festivals, Community Projects, Youth Groups, Private Functions .. you name it. Danny Ladwa (founder of School Of Beatbox) is a UK championship beatboxer, has been beatboxing for 25 years and has been teaching this art through these fantastic workshops for 15 years. He is also a singer and songwriter, has toured the world extensively with his talents and is a recording artist too.

These workshops are of course great for enhancing or inspiring creativity but they are also fantastic for building confidence and self-esteem. Suitable for all ages although suited best for ages above 5 years old. We run sessions with people with special needs, SEN, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, offenders, speech disorders, low self-esteem and confidence issues.

You can choose to book a single beatbox workshop, a series of beatbox workshops or include a film screening of our social documentary which is helping to raise awareness about stammering. Find out about our 6-week and 10-week beatbox and music-making projects here.

What Are The Benefits Of Attending A Beatbox Workshop:

Learn the art and history of human beatboxing
Boosts Confidence & Self-Esteem
Supports Self-Expression & Creativity
Improves Coordination
Promotes Working Well With Others
Improves Listening Skills
Improves Creative Writing Skills (we can work with writing lyrics to fit any theme) 
Improves Vocal Projection & Breathing
Improves Overall Well-being & Happiness (time and time again participants report how good they feel) 

How Do The Sessions Work?

The aim of the beatbox workshop is to get every student involved in the creative process and leave the group with the fundamental tools to be able to continue practicing beatboxing as well as some important messages relating to being open with creativity. We ensure the workshop is packed with great content for the group to enjoy including musical ice-breaker activities, learning the 3 fundamental sounds in human beatboxing (The Kick, The Hi-Hat and The Snare) as well as breathing techniques and lots of other impressive sounds during the workshop. We also use electronic equipment to loop the groups voices to make unique sound-tracks together. If anyone in the group believed they had no musical talent, they are likely to change their mind by the end of the session as time and time again participants are blown away by what they have created and achieved.

Beatboxing is a great way to get a whole group on a level playing field, break down any barriers and lift confidence and self-esteem. The workshops require the group to work cohesively to create something special.

Beatbox workshops can include lyric-writing / songwriting (time dependant) and sessions can work to fit particular themes you might be working on at your school or organisation.

These beatbox workshops are delivered to suit the age range and ability of the group so whether the group is as young as 5 years old, teenagers or adults we will ensure that the workshop is delivered in the correct tone and manner. We have lots of experience running beatbox workshops with various groups including special needs, and in prisons also.

What Are The Space Requirements?

The space should be large enough for all participants (plus your tutor) to stand in their own space comfortably. This is required for vocal warm-ups and ice-breaker activities. 

Are There Any Technical Requirements?

All necessary equipment including PA system, microphones, cables etc are supplied by us. We will simply require 2 power sockets, a small table and an adequate space.

What Do Participants Gain From The Beatbox Workshops?

People participating in these workshops will gain a new insight into creating music, one that is instant and absolutely unique. The individual and group work is great for building confidence, self-esteem and opens new creative doors. The workshops are transformational in many ways. We've seen people enter the space and leave the space with a completely different energy, one that is more open, inspired and willing to share. People love beatboxing, it's like magic to many and having the opportunity to learn exactly how it is done from a seasoned professional is something definitely worth considering.

How Much Does A Beatbox Workshop Cost?

The price of a beatbox workshop varies depending on the length of time required, whether you need multiple workshops and the size of the group.

Find out about our 6-week and 10-week beatbox and music-making projects here.

Online Group Beatbox Workshop - from £200 (Beatbox demo, introduction to beatboxing, learn the basic sounds, learn some sound effects, learn beat patterns / rhythms)

Demonstration / Introduction to Beatbox Workshop - from £280 plus travel. Up to 1 hour.

Half-Day Beatbox Workshop/s - from £375 plus travel. Up to 2.5 hours delivery. Price is based on a maximum of 2 workshops. Can be a half-day workshop with 1 group. 

Full Day Beatbox Workshop/s  from £450 plus travel. Up to 5 hours delivery. Price is based on a maximum of 3 workshops. Can be a full-day workshop with 1 group. 

Travel expenses are charged at 45p per mile.

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