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If you're organisation or group is looking for a unique Team-Building or Staff Away Day experience, get in touch with us today.

Our team of UK and world championship level beatboxers are ready to deliver something you and your colleagues will not forget anytime soon. A Team-Building event with School Of Beatbox teaches, inspires, entertains and most importantly will have your team working together in the most creative ways. 

Most beatboxers, and songwriters for that matter, hear the music they are creating inside their heads before they express or share their creations. As a matter of fact, we all have had this experience whether it be a simple melody that we whistle or maybe a rhythm we drum out on a table top. Beatboxing is the quickest method of manifesting these creations and it is often done in real-time. Beatboxing gives us permission to not only make any sound under the sun but to be highly creative and have tons of fun. Every group has a different energy, different ideas and tastes and the end result is always something fresh and unique.

Your beatbox session leader understands the creative process very well and will hand you all the tools necessary to create your musical masterpieces. 

End the day in the mighty beatbox showdown to see which team will wear the crown.

A typical beatbox team building day will include:

  • An intro into the world of beatboxing (including the history of beatbox)
  • Vocal & Rhythm Exercises
  • Learning the fundamental sounds
  • Learning Sound Effects
  • Learning And Creating Your Own Beat Patterns
  • A Full Demonstration Performance By Your Beatbox Facilitator/s
  • Creating Group Sound Tracks Using State Of The Art Vocal Looping Equipment
  • Group Beatbox Battles and Solo Freestyles


Price is from £40 + VAT per person (plus travel expenses). Discounts available for groups from 50 people upwards.

Price includes all sound and other equipment necessary for the day and full public liability insurance (price does not include venue hire or refreshments).

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