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Beatbox workshops teach the art of beatboxing, yes of course, but it’s much more than that. Beatboxing is the focus and the art form that is learned but it also acts as a gateway to really work with people on a deeper level.

I’ve been delivering beatbox workshops and music workshops in schools, festivals, community groups and even prisons for over 15 years now. When I started delivering workshops I immediately got asked to work specifically with children who were going through a rough time in one way or another. I found the work challenging at times, especially when having to deal with conflicts between people in the group while trying to hold the workshop, as a whole, together. Essentially though, I found that it was generally easy to engage the young people into the activities I had planned. Beatboxing is a great hook that can grab peoples attention quickly. I learned this early on.

Developing The Workshop 

As I gathered more experience teaching beatboxing I was able to start to compartmentalise the activities that I would plan for the different groups. Other things like tone of voice, the language I would use in the session and the types of music I would use as examples would also be a thing I got to understand. I learned about session planning, gaging the time spent on activities and having a better sense of when to change gear in the session. This all of course came with experience and a great lesson I have learned through teaching beatboxing is to ride things through. The experience I’ve gained through delivering over 100 beatbox workshops is invaluable. I’m ever confident walking into a room now and eager to deliver a fantastic beatbox workshop every time.

Do you deliver workshops? Would you like to learn how to beatbox?


“Danny is absolutely brilliant! Not only is he skilled in the art of Beatboxing but he managed to hold down the attention of all 4 groups of around 20 children in each group. Whilst entertaining the children and staff he managed to engage and interact with every child. Buy the end of the session the children were entertained, had learnt a new skill, practiced there team work and engaging skills, had lots of fun and had composed a musical piece using there own human resources. I would recommend Danny’s workshops to everyone. I myself really enjoyed it and witnessing the fun the children had whilst learning was fantastic.”

“Apart from an incredibly talented musician, Danny Ladwa has a warmth and way of sharing his skills which gives everyone in the room a space to share, learn and explore with eagerness and confidence.”


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