STAMMER PROJECT premiered at The Yellow in London on Thursday 11th November. The venue was at full capacity with family, friends, supporters and folk who were simply drawn to this event. The film was received so so well (phew!) and the Q & A sparked interesting discussions in an organic, fluid way. In a nutshell - It was the dream premiere night!

We are now planning further screenings as we just have to get this film in front of more eyes. We saw first-hand how this film can raise the type of awareness around stammering that we were hoping for. We really feel that we have something special here and we want to share it with you. 

Film Synopsis: An uplifting and inspiring story of 6 people living with a stammer. This film captures their profound mission to raise global awareness about stammering through the power of music - using their voices. This is a story of courage, strength, trust and the incredible power of the voice!

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We have a long list of thanks that must go out, so without further ado:

Huge thanks go out to Arts Council England for funding the making of this documentary. Thank you to The Yellow for providing a wonderful space and welcoming this project in through your doors with open arms. Thank you to Peter Scott, Ayo Adesanya, Christopher Jackson, Suzana Kalcic, Angie Elder & Claire Maillet for being who you are and making it possible to make a powerful film. Thank you to Aoife Geary & Pippo De Palma for joining forces with Danny Ladwa to write 'Free'. Thanks to Nikolaj Bjerre for your production and drumming skills on 'Free'. 

Thanks on premiere night extend to Arianna Petralia for the huge support and for covering multiple stations on the night. Thanks to Vina Ladwa and Raju Ladwa for providing and bringing delicious food for our guests to indulge in. Thanks to Antonio Pagano for filming / documenting the event. Thanks to Fiona Bickmore for assisting and helping out on the night. Thanks to al those that chipped in to tidy up too - true community spirit.

Thanks to all close friends and family members of those involved in the film for your support. Thanks to the wider community for supporting and the new connections made. We will keep making a noise. We will keep raising awareness. 

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Below you'll find a 1 minute showreel video of the event plus a second video with the full Q & A session. 

Watch The Documentary Here


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