Queen's Jubilee Beatbox Challenges

This weekend was full of festive spirit. Well it certainly was in North West London where a fantastic all day family event was taking place. King Edward VII Park in Wembley was filled with families and people of all nationalities ready to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee and the diversity of the local community.

School of Beatbox were invited down by Wembley Central Big Local to present a 6 week project they have funded us to facilitate in the local area (more about that project here). We also had a slot to demonstrate the art of beatboxing. 

Danny Ladwa, founder of School of Beatbox, decided to involve the crowd and give them some beatbox challenges. Members of the audience were only too keen to get up on stage and give it a go. How do you think they did? 

School of Beatbox uses beatboxing as a way of, yes, making music with your voice but we also use it to inspire, lift confidence and help people express themselves. Beatboxing is a super fun and creative art form that can engage people of all ages and abilities. Is it time for you to take up a new hobby? Who knows maybe even a profession?

You can start with some free lessons and learn some of the basic beatbox sounds today (check out our online courses here). Beatboxing isn't so hard to learn, it definitely takes practice but with the right training - anyone can learn to beatbox. We use wordplay and break down every sound, rhythm and sound effect into easy steps so you know exactly what part of your voice you need to use and how to control your breathing. 

In this video you will see Sasha and Preet learn to beatbox a SOCA rhythm and a Drum and Bass beat. They were the perfect participants for the beatbox challenges - full of positive energy and festive spirit. The crowd absolutely loved it! 

It may have been the children that stole the show though. A group of 7 or 8 kids were around the stage and ready to jump up and join almost every act. Danny had to welcome them up for some beatbox challenge fun. This was truly a community event down to the core! Happy faces all round!

So here it is, check out Sasha and Preet step up to the plate and blast out their beatbox rhythms. Look out for these two as we feel they definitely have the potential to be rocking dance floors up and down the country! Enjoy the vid! 

Thanks to HBoss and Kully for capturing the footage!

School of Beatbox deliver workshops, private 1:1's and beatbox activities for schools and all events and private functions. If you want to find out more, get in contact with School of Beatbox today!

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