School Of Beatbox Empowers Southend-on-Sea's Youth Through Free Beatbox Workshops

In a harmonious fusion of creativity and education, School Of Beatbox recently collaborated in an exhilarating initiative that brought the art of beatboxing to the forefront of young minds in Southend-on-Sea. Although beatboxing in the library may sound counter-intuitive,  two captivating beatbox workshops are to be conducted at local libraries in Southend-On-Sea, The Forum and Westcliff Library, as part of the commendable 'Ready, Set, Read!' project. This endeavor not only instills a sense of rhythm but also serves as an integral component of an initiative that encourages children to explore the world of literature and storytelling.

Unveiling the 'Ready, Set, Read!' Project:

The 'Ready, Set, Read!' project stands as a testament to local communities across the UK in fostering a love for reading among its younger generation. Active during school holidays, this project seeks to channel youthful energy into the enchanting world of books. The innovative project structure rewards children aged between 8 and 14 years with vouchers, points, and various prizes as they embark on a literary journey. It is an admirable endeavor that bolsters the belief that reading is a gateway to endless opportunities.

The Beatbox Connection:

Underpinning the 'Ready, Set, Read!' project with a burst of auditory magic, School Of Beatbox brought forth an extraordinary synergy between rhythm and words. At the heart of this collaboration was Danny Ladwa, a masterful beatbox artist and educator. Armed with an arsenal of beatboxing techniques and a genuine passion for empowering young minds, Danny seamlessly integrated beatboxing into the project's mission. He taught the youngsters the basics of beatboxing before graduating them to use wordplay in order to learn even more complex rhythms. By the end of the sessions the young people were building full soundtracks on the loop station and weaving in their own lyrics to bring the whole thing to life.

Danny delivering beatbox workshops at The Forum library, Southend-On-Sea

The Library Venues:

The libraries themselves, The Forum and Westcliff Library, serve as the vibrant venues where beatbox and books converge. In these lively spaces, children will gather to explore the realms of sound and literature. Danny's mission aligns perfectly with that of the Ready, Set, Read project and aims to deliver transformative experiences that foster an atmosphere of learning through creativity and fun.

Through hands-on sessions, participants delved into the intricacies of beatboxing. The rhythmic art form allowed them to discover the boundless potential of their vocal cords. From crafting basic beats to orchestrating intricate rhythms, Danny skillfully guides participants on a journey that encourages self-expression and music creation. These workshop spaces become a place where young individuals harness their creativity, building a strong foundation for self-confidence and teamwork.

Promoting 'Ready, Set, Read!' in Harmony:

Beyond the enchanting world of beatboxing, the workshops resonated with the larger goal of the 'Ready, Set, Read!' project. By strategically integrating beatbox sessions, the project not only captivated young minds but also reinforced the importance of continuous learning and exploration. The rhythmic pulses of beatboxing harmonised with the rhythm of songwriting and storytelling creating an unforgettable experience for all involved.


In the heart of Southend-on-Sea, School Of Beatbox orchestrated an awe-inspiring collaboration that harmoniously intertwined the world of beatboxing with the realm of literature. The free beatbox workshops held at The Forum and Westcliff Library, as part of the 'Ready, Set, Read!' project, are a testament to the power of creativity in education. Danny's guidance and mentorship enriched the lives of young participants, leaving an indelible mark on their artistic journeys. As these children carry the rhythms of beatboxing forward, they simultaneously carry the torch of reading, ensuring that the magic of storytelling continues to thrive in the generations to come.

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