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School Of Beatbox is a social enterprise teaching the art of Human Beatboxing. We deliver beatbox workshops, online classes, private 1:1 lessons, group beatbox activities, team-building, experience days and more.

As a Social Enterprise we have a strong commitment to having a positive social impact through the work we do. A minimum of 50% of our profits goes towards our mission of having a positive impact on children & young people's confidence, self-esteem and overall well-being. We deliver to all ages 5yrs and up and to all levels and abilities. We have a wealth of experience working with children and young people with SEND, autism as well as in PRU's and with young offenders. School Of Beatbox was backed by UnLtd who support Social Entrepreneurship. We strongly recommend any social entrepreneurs to check them out here (they work with social entrepreneurs based in the UK).

Danny Ladwa founded School Of Beatbox in April 2018. Danny started beatboxing at the early age of 11 years old after realising that the music he was hearing in his head were his own compositions. What started as merely a party-trick soon turned into a profession and led to Danny competing in the UK Beatbox Championship Finals, touring around the world and working with some of the music industries biggest names. Danny also developed a stammer as a child and often found it difficult to say his own name. He soon realised that he didn't have any problems with his speech when he beatboxed, sang or rapped - so he latched on to his love for music and never let go. In 2021 School of Beatbox produced their first social documentary - Stammer Project. Find out more here.

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Hi! My name is Danny LadwaI'm the founder of School Of Beatbox.

I taught myself how to beatbox at the age of 11 and found a way to express myself and my creativity like no other. I used to have a stutter / stammer around that time too and beatboxing gave me back my vocal confidence. Today, I'm a UK championship beatboxer, a recording and touring artist and i've been delivering beatboxing workshops in schools, PRU's, events and festivals for over 15 years. We are a social enterprise with a mission to inspire and engage young people and adults through music and the art of beatboxing.   I am now the UK's 1st Beatbox Tutor in academia too! Read our article here.


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9am - 5pm GMT Mon - Sat

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