Danny Ladwa, Founder of 'School Of Beatbox,' Joins Shanaz Jones for a Beatboxing Extravaganza on Hoxton Radio!

In the vibrant heart of London's music scene, Hoxton Radio has been a hub for showcasing emerging artists, discussing groundbreaking trends, and hosting exciting interviews. On a sunny afternoon in the bustling streets of East London, radio host Shanaz Jones had an unexpected treat in store for her listeners. As she sat down to chat with Danny Ladwa, the brilliant mind behind the 'School Of Beatbox,' little did she know that their conversation would turn into an impromptu beatboxing jam that would leave the airwaves electrified.

Caught Off Guard and Beatboxing:

Laughter echoed through the airwaves as Shanaz introduced her guest, Danny Ladwa. However, just moments before the interview officially began, a candid incident unfolded that left both Danny and Shanaz in splits. As listeners tuned in, they were greeted with the unmistakable sounds of Danny warming up his vocal cords – or rather, his beatboxing skills! The unexpected serenade of rhythmic beats took everyone by surprise, setting the tone for an interview that promised to be as entertaining as it was insightful.

Sharing the Beatboxing Vision:

With the laughter dying down, Danny Ladwa delved into the origins of the 'School Of Beatbox.' He shared his passionate journey from discovering beatboxing and dealing with a childhood stammer. Danny's mission was clear – to make beatboxing accessible to all, breaking down barriers, boosting children's confidence and promoting creativity.

Kaleidoscope Festival and the Unexpected Twist:

One of the highlights Danny eagerly discussed was School Of Beatbox's participation in the upcoming 'Kaleidoscope Festival' at Alexandra Palace Park. Scheduled for July 15th, 2023, the festival promised a day filled with music, art, and culture. The excitement was palpable as Danny detailed the beatbox workshops that School Of Beatbox had planned to deliver. However, fate had an unexpected twist in store. Just a day before the festival was set to kick off, reports of high winds forced the organizers to make a difficult decision – to cancel the event in the interest of safety.

Listen to Danny Ladwa (School Of Beatbox) on Hoxton Radio here:

In the end, as Shanaz and Danny bid farewell to the listeners, the studio was filled with a sense of camaraderie and the universal language of beats. The interview was not just about music; it was about the spirit of perseverance, the joy of creation, and the reminder that even in the face of unexpected challenges, the show must go on!

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Unfortunately, Kaleidoscope Festival was cancelled due to reports of high winds in the UK but we are set to be there and are already looking forward to the 2024 edition!

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