An important teenagers birthday is coming up, it’s too late to order online but you need to buy something and have no idea what to get. You want to buy something that will make an impression as well as something that won’t be tossed away after a couple of uses. Something fun, educational and unique. The gift of learning a new art-form such as beatboxing has got to be up there as one of the most unique gift ideas for teens. Danny Ladwa is a UK championship beatboxer, also the founder of School Of Beatbox. School Of Beatbox offer a complete online course in the art of beatboxing. No need to wait for delivery, just purchase the course online and download the gift certificate to present to the lucky teen. Voila, birthday made!

There are 3 awesome packages to choose from, ‘BEATBOX Essentials’ or ‘BEATBOX Xtra’ or ‘BEATBOX Xtreme‘. The top package includes monthly webinars too! School Of Beatbox is a social enterprise too which means that they have a commitment to putting a portion of their income towards great causes and projects. Awesome!

One of the most unique gift ideas for teens, explained

Beatboxing is the art of vocal percussion and was born in the early 1980’s when people mimicked the sounds of early electronic drum machines, namely the ‘Roland TR-808’. These drum machines were often called ‘beatbox’s’, so was born the term the ‘human beatboxer’. Beatboxing has been named the 5th element of hip-hop alongside it’s close companions ’breakdancing’, ‘graffiti’, ‘MC’ing’ and ‘turntablism’. Beatboxing (or human beatboxing) is fast becoming more and more popular as an art-form the world over and teens just love it.

For more information about what is on offer, get in touch with School Of Beatbox today!