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Looking for a unique gift for someone interested in the art of beatboxing?
Take a look at our range of beatbox gifts below!

Giving someone the gift of beatbox lessons is going to make their day, especially if they are already passionate about this unique art form. Beatboxing is the art of vocal percussion and we have a selection of beatbox gifts that would make the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for any budding beatboxer. We have options suitable for complete beginners, right the way through to intermediate and advanced levels. 

When you purchase any of our beatbox gifts, you are not only making someone's day by supporting their unique passion - but we make the gifting process easy for you. Simply download your gift certificate from the confirmation page once you have made your purchase. You then just need to print, personalise and deliver! We'll cover the rest.

Our gift options include: Private Beatbox Lessons, Online Beatbox Courses, Online Group Classes & A Beatbox Recording Experience in a top music studio located in Central London. We've broken down each option for you below, but if you have any unanswered questions, just get in touch with us via email, phone or our webchat and we'll be happy to help. Click here to contact us.

£39 ~

Beatbox Essentials teaches you the essentials sounds and techniques to get you started on your beatboxing journey. Lessons include 'The Bass Drum' , 'Hi-Hats' (and how to make them sound like a real drummer), a variety of snare sounds including 'The K Snare' 'The PF Snare', 'The 808 Snare' and 'The Rimshot Snare' and the 'Inward K Snare'. You will also learn Drum Fills, Bass Sounds, Breathing Techniques and how to put everything together into some basic rhythms.

What's included:

✅  Over 20 video beatbox lessons

✅  Essential sounds, techniques and breathing

✅  How to add bass & fills

✅  Learn a selection of basic rhythms

✅  Lifetime access to lessons

✅  Downloadable gift certificate

£74.50 ~ (was £149)

Learn everything you need to be a pro beatboxer in this complete online course. The Beatbox Pro course is packed with over 50 video lessons taking you from the basic sounds all the way to the most advanced techniques. Both children and adults can learn the amazing art of beatboxing in their own time, at their own pace

What's included:

✅  Over 50 video beatbox lessons

✅  Essential sounds, techniques and breathing

✅  Sound effects and rhythm exercises

✅  Advanced techniques

✅  Liproll lessons by world famous beatbox champion 'NaPom' (pictured)

✅  Lifetime access to lessons

✅  Downloadable gift certificate

 From £33 ~

Give private online one-on-one beatbox lessons for a birthday or Christmas gift. Danny Ladwa is a UK championship beatboxer and has been teaching children and adults for over 15 years. Learn all the skills with this international touring and recording beatboxer in these online lessons.

What's included:

✅  Choose either 1 x private lesson, or a pack of 5 lessons at discounted price

✅  Choose from 30 min or 45 min lessons

✅  Learn beatbox skills quick with these personalised lessons

✅  Receive things to practice after each lesson

✅  Suitable for children and adults. 5yrs-105yrs+

 From £6.50 ~

This online beatbox class is for children aged between 5yrs - 11yrs and would make a great gift at anytime of the year. Enrol a child onto these weekly Wednesday online beatbox classes and learn new rhythms every week with UK championship beatboxer Danny Ladwa. 

What's included:

✅  Choose from 1 class, or book 3 or 5 classes at a discounted price

✅  Each class is 1 hour 

✅  Every Wednesday from 5pm - 6pm (UK Time)

✅  Learn with other children

✅  Every child gets the opportunity to show their skills

✅  Suitable for children 5 years - 11 years old

✅  Request downloadable gift certificate by emailing mail@schoolofbeatbox.com

Looking for beatbox equipment?

Frequently asked questions?

Online beatbox course

Who Teaches the Course

You are in safe hands with School Of Beatbox. All courses are mainly led by UK championship beatboxer, Danny Ladwa. Danny has over 15 years of beatbox teaching experience and over 28 years of beatboxing experience including international touring and recording. Beatbox Pro and Pro+ also includes Liproll lessons by NaPom.

How Long Is The Course?

Each course has a different number of beatbox lessons. Some people take longer than others to master a particular beatbox sound or technique so the length of the course varies person to person.

What Is Lifetime Access?

Exactly that! You will be able to access your course forever, whenever you like.

What About Course Updates?

When any new lessons are added to the beatbox course, you will have immediate access to them at no extra cost. 

PRIVATE 1-to-1 beatbox lessons

How Do I Check Lesson Availability?

Simply download the 'How To Redeem' info from the booking confirmation page. You can present this with the gift certificate. The giftee can use the link provided to check availability and book their private lessons. Simple.

Who Are Private Lessons For?

Private lessons are for all levels, from beginner to advanced. The great thing about private beatbox lessons is that you will learn at your own unique pace and we can focus on the things you would like to work on.

ultimate beatbox recording experience

Where Is The Recording Studio?

'Tileyard Studio' is centrally located in Kings Cross, London. There are great transport links to reach the studio. 

When Will I Receive My Track / Song?

You will usually receive your finished song, which will have been mixed professionally by our studio engineer, within 24 hours of the studio day. In some cases, it can take up to 72 hours. 

What Shall I Bring On The Day?

Bring whatever you need to deliver your vocals on the day. You might have some written notes or lyrics - bring these along. Please also bring your own water and a snack. This will all be covered in the online preparation session which is included.

ONLINE group beatbox classes for children

How Do I Sign In To A Class

Once either 1 class, 3 classes or 5 classes have been booked, you will receive a booking confirmation email. You will then be able to choose which dates you'd like to book.

Do I Have To Book The Classes Straight Away?

No, this is flexible. Once you have made your purchase, your classes can be booked whenever you are ready. 

What If I Need To Cancel A Class

If you have already booked a class, simply access the booking via your confirmation email. You can cancel your class or transfer your class to a new date from there. Just make sure this is done before the class starts.

Do I Have To Be In The UK?

No. Children join this class from all over the world. Just make sure to check the time difference as the class starts at 5pm UK time.

If you have a question that has not been answered here, please get in touch via our webchat, email, phone or by filling in the contact form on our website. Click here to contact us.

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