Do you know someone that fancies themselves as a bit of a performer? They are creative and manage to put an act together just like that but maybe they could do with some professional training to hone their skills. The art of vocal percussion, known today as beatboxing, is a fast growing craze and anyone can start learning today.

School Of Beatbox teach the art of beatboxing through private online lessons and they even have a complete online beatbox course taking you every step of the way. Lessons to teach somebody how to beatbox like a pro can be the perfect creative gift idea for men, women and children too.

What Creative Gift Ideas Are Available

School Of Beatbox have private online beatbox lesson packages available as well as a complete online beatbox course. You will be taught by championship level beatboxers who have years of teaching and performance experience ready to help you harness the power of your most valuable instrument. The course is split into 4 sections – ‘Essentials’, ‘Xtra’, ‘Xtra+’ and ‘Xtreme’ and you can easily upgrade when you’re ready to take your skills to the next level.

Danny Ladwa, founder of School Of Beatboxing, has been beatboxing for over 25 years and is still learning new sounds today. Beatboxing is a great addition for any singer, performer 0r joker. Could this be the creative gift idea you were searching for?

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