Before you even think about feeling daunted at the prospect of learning this amazing art form, you should read this article. Danny Ladwa, founder of School Of Beatbox has been teaching beatboxing for beginners and to those who already know a few skills. You could say that he’s found the perfect ways to get you started.. it’s much more than boots and cats.

With Christmas fast approaching you’re probably already thinking about gifts and fun, educational gifts are on the rise in popularity. Beatboxing can help to develop a persons coordination, memory, timing, breathing technique and confidence. You can choose from an online course, a private lessons package online, a private beatbox party or private beatbox lessons in your own home.

Much More Than Boots and Cats

Not only a beatboxer, Danny Ladwa is a singer and songwriter with years of international touring experience to share and he brings all of this into his teaching. He believes that producing or playing music is a very personal experience and we should find the way that we can express ourselves the best.

Beatboxing for beginners is not as difficult as you think, you may even find yourself getting hooked on this art form quite quickly, especially as you can never leave your instrument at home.

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