What’s up beatbox lovers, creators, parents of little beatboxers, innovators, mouth musicians, visionaries, music teachers and the rest of you.

I want to share a little about the journey School Of Beatbox (cleverly abbreviated to ‘SOBBX’) has been on since we said hello to the world on 12th April 2018. We have delivered 176 sessions, workshops, private 1-2-1’s and talks to over 2500 children and adults on 6 continents (hold tight for the upcoming beatbox camp taking place on Antarctica.. ha). We’ve been on a mission to say the least! We’ve worked in over 50 schools using the power of music as a tool to help people with their confidence, self-expression, self esteem and of course with their innate ability to voice their own unique rhythms and sounds. Music is powerful beyond comprehension. Music can not be boxed. Music is limitless and so are we!

The mission has always been to ignite that creative flame in every person we work with and see what positive impact we can have on each individual in doing so. It’s been an incredible journey so far and one that has grown its own legs to carry this torch whilst keeping the flame burning brighter than ever as we move forwards. The online beatbox courses have reached people all over the world while we’ve been setting up private online 1-2-1’s, private 1-2-1 sessions in person and running monthly webinars with an influx of eager beatbox students.

In the midst of it all, we managed to set up The Stammering Voice Orchestra inspired by my struggle with a stammer (stutter) as a teenager. Beatboxing, singing and rap were my saviour at the time and helped me see worth in my voice. Music gave me my strength back. The Stammering Voice Orchestra delivered all-vocal performances at the UK Beatbox Championships 2018 and The London A Cappella Festival 2019. More to come in the new year so watch this space because things will occur!

In 2020 we will step it up a notch with our regular weekly after school clubs, upgraded online beatbox course packages and we’ll also be developing our corporate team-building offering further. We’ll be growing the SOBBX team too! Amazing! We’re going to be working with fellow Championship Level Beatboxers to help reach more people, deliver our high level content and spread the good vibrations.

Bring on the new year .. I am uber excited to see where these legs will take SOBBX next!

Wishing You All The Best, Always!


Founder, School Of Beatbox


If you’re interested in learning how to beatbox, know someone that does, fancy adding some beatbox spice to your event or just fancy dropping a phat beat over the telephone… get in touch!

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