On 26th January 2019, The Stammering Voice Orchestra did their 2nd live, all-vocal, performance. A combination of beatboxing and singing with lush harmonies. I think we’ll throw in the dance moves for the next one ;). This time the performance was part of London A Cappella Festival 2019 at the beautiful Kings Place in Kings Cross, London. We were 2 performers down since the first show at The UK Beatbox Championships 2018, but managed to draw in 3 new members. That does mean that the group is now 10 members strong. (Check out the blog for the 1st performance here).

Some of the performers do have performance experience whereas some have never been on stage before or ever dreamed of it (some have never really sung or made music before). It’s important that the energy in the group is one where all feel welcome, relaxed and free and quite aptly ‘Free’ is the name of the first tune, performed on both occasions to date. The song was written by myself, Danny Ladwa and partner in rhyme, Aoife Geary and encapsulates the emotions of a person that feels restricted in life, as a person often does if they experience stammering. The Stammering Voice Orchestra is at an early stage and I am excited to see the numbers within the group grow, as will our sound. Exciting stuff! 

The Stammering Voice Orchestra Backstage

This gig was the complete performance experience for all. We were very well looked after from the moment we arrived, we had an allocated space backstage to rehearse and the sound technicians had everything ready as planned. During rehearsals backstage I expected to see a bit of pre-performance nerves coming through but honestly, I didn’t catch a glimpse of them. Everyone seemed totally relaxed and if anything, just more ready than ever to hit the stage and deliver.

There’s already a great level of support within the group, everyone seems to be looking out for each other in a very genuine way. It’s amazing to see. 

If you experience stammering and would like to join the group, get in touch

Here’s the video from the performance. Enjoy It. Share It. 


Check out this awesome podcast where Danny Ladwa talks more about ‘The Stammering Voice Orchestra’ with Beth Roars on her show ‘Good Job’. LISTEN TO PODCAST NOW!


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