The liproll is a new skool beatbox sound that every beatboxer across the globe is hungry for. The low, sub-bass frequencies and variations of sounds that all sprout from this, now infamous, technique are pretty insane. Mastering the art of the liproll and it’s jaw-dropping (pun intended) capabilities takes some dedication. One man that has not only dedicated much time to the world of the liproll but is now referred to as ‘The King of Liproll’, is NaPom.

Napom teaches his famous Liproll techniques in a 3 part tutorial as part of the BEATBOX Xtreme online course. Click here to see courses.

Aside from showing the beatbox world what this one technique is really made of, he is the complete beatboxer with rhythmical capabilities that leave audiences bewildered and has accolades that have earned him a place at the top of the tree. He won 1st place at Grand Beatbox Battle 2017 and 2nd place at the Beatbox Battle World Championship 2015 along with many other titles.

Listen to 'LIPS', by NaPom on Spotify now

Listen to 'LIPS, by Napom on Apple Music now

NaPom released his debut solo album titled 'LIPS' showcasing a full spectrum of his vocal ability with phat beats, intricate rhythmical patterns and, notably, one-take recordings giving the album a raw and LIVE beatbox feel. In 2020 he released the singles 'YIN' and 'YANG', both lo-fi, moody head-rockers that display where this creative soul can go when he is equipped with his voice and some music tech.

In June 2020 we interviewed The King of Liproll asking him about his earliest beatbox inspiration, his most random beatbox moment, what his plans are and what his top 3 tips to beatboxers across the world would be.

Watch The Full NaPom - King of Liproll - Interview Here



NaPom breaks down the legendary Liproll technique in a 3 part lesson as part of School of Beatbox's BEATBOX Xtreme course alongside over 50 more beatbox lessons. Check out our beatbox courses here.

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