On April 18th 2019 we ran our first global open webinar masterclass completely for free to spread the teachings of beatboxing and share School Of Beatbox’s vision. I’m happy to say that it was a huge success with people tuning in from over 10 countries and we’ve been receiving some great feedback from people that attended.

This webinar was a taste of many elements in the world of beatbox from   an in-depth look at the fundamental sounds, sound effects and beat patterns to breathing techniques and other techniques to help develop beatbox ‘flow’.

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It was super exciting to see so many people tune in from different time zones (Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Iran, Indonesia, Egypt, Philippines, Italy, Germany, Denmark and more).

Thank you to all the people that attended for this first free global webinar. Looking forward to see you again at the next one for more beatbox insights and lessons. Here’s a short video filmed straight after the webinar was finished to say thanks!


If you have any suggestions on specific topics to cover in the next webinar, please get in touch and let me know what you’d like to be featured.



Video created by Rockumentary


    2 replies to "Free Beatbox Webinars"

    • Sandra Honeycutt

      Hey Danny,
      My 11 year old loves to create sounds and beatbox throughout the day. Would love to get some ways to connect him to a mentor or teacher or even a webinar that can walk him through the basics.
      I don’t want him to lose this fun passion for the musical artistry- please help direct me.

      • schoolofbeatbox

        Hi Sandra,

        Thanks for getting in touch regarding beatbox lessons / mentoring for your 11 year old child. I have sent you an email in response.



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