Parents are only too familiar with the initial excitement, handing a child a beautifully wrapped gift and the time it takes for them to lose interest and toss it to one side. Attention spans can be short and, at times, seemingly non-existent. Frustrating? Oh yes! The truth is that most children are used to being flooded with things to occupy them, both in the physical and the digital world. That goes for almost all adults now too.

At School Of Beatbox, run by UK championship beatboxer Danny Ladwa, you can learn the art of beatboxing or mouth percussion. You can choose from 4 online courses all packed full of step-by-step lesson on how to beatbox taking your skills from beginner to a professional level. The ‘BEATBOX Xtra’ course is the most popular for a gift and all courses come with a gift certificate option to make someone’s day super special.

What will you learn in the course?

It’s designed to take you from basic sounds like the bass drum, hi hat and snare all the way to advanced techniques like the liproll. There are currently over 40 lessons (and counting) in the top tier course including loads of sound effects, different rhythms to practice, breathing techniques and even options to join the monthly beatbox webinar.

To give someone the gift of learning a new creative skill, choose School Of Beatbox. Get in contact to find out more.