You know that moment when you stub your toe and you create an impromptu song about the experience, right in that very moment. It goes something like “ow it hurts so bad, oh my gosh it hurts so bad”. The same goes for when you’re in a rush and desperately looking for something. That one goes “where are my keys, I know I put them here”. We might not want to admit it, but I’m pretty sure we all do it. We are making little tunes all the time. For a lot of us, these spontaneous songs about the most random experiences often come out in the form of beatboxing. People think they can’t beatbox, but all they need to get started is a voice.

Danny Ladwa, director of School Of Beatbox and UK championship beatboxer, has been teaching people this art for over 15 years. As well as delivering workshops, team-building days and demonstrations, he now offers online beatbox lessons to people from all over the world.

How Do The Online Lessons Work

Once you’ve purchased your lesson/s from the website, you will be contacted to set up suitable times. Depending on your level (beginner, intermediate) and your personal goals, the lessons will be structured to suit you. You can learn everything from the basics like the making the Bass Drum, Hi Hats and Snare sounds to learning complex rhythms, sound effects and other pro techniques. Danny will teach you everything you need to learn step-by-step.

To find out more about what Danny and School of Beatbox have to offer, get in contact with them today.