When looking at a child’s extra curricular learning and activities, one can often wonder ‘how much is ok for a child to do?’. Many children have a different club or activity they partake in each day of the week whether it’s before, during or after school. Take School Of Beatbox, for example, they provide creative after school clubs in London for children to attend but they use an extra curricular activity to support a child’s learning.

Danny Ladwa, UK championship beatboxer and founder of School Of Beatbox combines the art of beatboxing, songwriting and, essentially, lyric-writing to help children prepare for exams. Remembering a tune, melody and/or a memorable lyric can be a great way to revise for an exam.

A New Age Revision Tool

Songs, melodies, bass-lines, lyrics get stuck on loop in our head all the time. Often, seemingly, completely out of the blue. The fact is that somehow certain songs just stick. So what if we create our own lyrics based around our revision topics as an additional effective way to remember the key points? That is exactly one of the things Danny teaches in his after school clubs.

Danny has been teaching the art of beatboxing for over 15 years and has been beatboxing for over 25 years. His experience includes worldwide tours and working in collaboration with some of the worlds top artists.

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