Brazilian School Uses Human Beatboxing to Teach Physics: How Danny Ladwa is Helping Educate Young Minds

In Brazil, a school has found a unique way to teach physics - by using human beatboxing! The school booked School of Beatbox to deliver a series of online workshops. Middle school science teacher at the International School of Curitiba, Paul Curran, is using the beatbox lessons to discuss aspects of physics within the world of beatboxing and as a tool to engage the students.

The students enjoyed the initial pilot lessons and found them fun and engaging. Danny Ladwa, the founder of School of Beatbox, is thrilled to be able to help educate young minds in such a fun and creative way. School of Beatbox are speaking with another school in London about teaching mathematics through beatboxing as, after all, keeping in rhythm is all to do with numbers. Who knows, maybe we'll see more schools using beatboxing as a teaching tool in the future!

Here's what some of the students said about the workshops:

"I liked listening to the examples and trying to voice them out with my own voice"

"I believe that one thing that went very well was how Danny was able to simplify and show us how the sounds are made"

"I think everything went well because I absolutely loved this experience, everyone was learning we were having fun, a lot of laughs. Just overall a 10/10 experience"

Sound Waves Reports | Investigating Beatboxing 

Following the workshops the students were asked to investigate and write up scientific reports based on what they had learned about beatboxing and from further study.  Paul, speaking to Danny after the project, had said "Thanks to this task and your brilliant performance and lessons, I noticed much more engagement and a willingness to research more, think deeper and expand upon their thoughts and reflections"

Read Beatriz's, one of the student's, reports here:

Beatriz's Report

A New Approach To Teaching

This innovative approach to teaching is something Ladwa supports wholeheartedly. "I've seen how engaging beatboxing can be for children and young people. Once they show an interest, I feel the immediate importance of an opportunity to teach something valuable," he says.

With the attention spans of young people getting shorter and their general interests changing rapidly, you can't help but feel the need to adapt in the ways we engage them. At the end of the day, it comes down to whether or not a child is able to remember that valuable piece of information in years to come. New enjoyable experiences certainly grab our attention and stick in our minds far longer so approaching our teaching methods in innovative ways that can do that can only be a good thing. 

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