Beatbox Workshops at the Only School for Autistic Girls | Limpsfield Grange

Did you know that beatboxing is a great way for autistic children to connect with music? At our beatbox workshops, we've had some incredible success stories with young people on the autistic spectrum. Many of them have amazing musical knowledge and can create beats that amaze us all! It seems that beatboxing and creative vocal expression are great ways for them to release their creative energy and have fun.

Lead tutor from School of Beatbox, Danny Ladwa delivered 2 full days of beatbox workshops at the UK's only school solely for autistic girls 'Limpsfield Grange School'. Danny delivered 2-hour beatbox sessions with 4 different groups of girls. After learning a bit about beatbox history and the basics of beatboxing, they had a go trying their sounds on the microphone and the workshops ended with creating songs as a group using a loop station.

Danny Ladwa delivering beatbox workshops at Limpsfield Grange School (July 2022)

With experience working with people on the autistic spectrum we have witnessed some genius-level individuals that have an incredible connection with music. One young lady could tell us what any chord that she heard on a piano was - even a completely random selection of notes and she could do this all by ear alone. This level of musical knowledge is very rare in people that don't have autism.

Girls with Autism Often Go Unnoticed Compared to Boys

Girls with autism often go unnoticed because they don't show signs of it as much or have a different type than boys. For example, while most boyish behaviors are shown through visuals like drawing houses on paper and showing repetitive motions; these might not be present in girls who have this condition. As a result, many girls go without an autism diagnosis and are instead labeled as "troubled" or "shy."

However, there are some commonalities between boys and girls with autism. For example, both sexes might have trouble making eye contact or be resistant to change. So if you think your daughter might have autism, it's important to get her evaluated by a professional as soon as possible. Early diagnosis and intervention can make a big difference in her quality of life!

Here's what Janine Chippington (Mrs Chips), a teacher at Limpsfield Grange School had to say about our beatbox workshops :

Ability To Engage The Students

Thank you Danny, you were inspirational. Your ability to engage the students and encourage their participation was not just due to your fantastic beatboxing, but due to your ability to read the room and pick up on the individual characters of the students. The groups were very different to each other and you adapted the sessions skilfully using an upbeat and warm approach. Thank you for your genuine interest in female autism, I hope your time at Limpsfield Grange was useful for you as well as for us! We will definitely be inviting you back to LGS. Thanks again, Mrs Chips.

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Janine Chippington

Limpsfield Grange School

It's certainly testimonials like this that give us the encouragement to do more work in this field.

If you know of any autistic children or young people that might enjoy beatboxing, please do get in touch! We'd love to hear from you.

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