We are super happy to announce that we have teamed up with Amazon Alexa skill developer Dave Spiller from Homefield Studios to take the current ‘Beatbox Master‘ skill to the next level.  Beneath the broad set of tasks that Alexa can perform like set timers, record shopping lists and tell you todays weather forecast.. there lie ‘Alexa Skills’. Alexa Skills are similar to apps on your smartphone – for example, if you’re a guitarist you no longer need a separate tuning device to tune your instrument, you can simply download an app.

The ‘Beatbox Master’ was originally launched in 2017. It has now been updated with not only lessons from the School Of Beatbox online course but also the ‘History of Beatboxing’. Beatbox Master will take you through beatbox history from the early 80’s, how drum machines like the Roland Tr-808 played a major role and how beatbox styles and techniques have developed over the years.

You can enable the skill and start learning for FREE now

Try the command “Alexa, open beatbox master” and check it out!

The collaboration with Homefield Studios comes at a time when the advancement of technology is only on the up. Our vision is that we should be a part of it and, essentially, that we should make more fun and educational content available for all to enjoy. We have seen first-hand how learning the art of beatboxing can improve self-esteem, boost confidence levels and generally make people happy - not to mention other obvious benefits like developing one's sense of rhythm and musicality.

Onwards and upwards into 2021

It's very exciting to have the Beatbox Master skill up and running right now to end a very productive year of creative commissions, innovation and collaborations for School of Beatbox. Our mission is to spread the teaching of this incredible art form far and wide across all platforms for people of all ages to engage with. We look forward to seeing how people enjoy this new product as we move into 2021.

Stay creative, stay positive...

Thank you for being here!

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