Following the request to support the BBC’s ‘Lockdown Lessons’ series to help engage children during the pandemic, we set a date to be live on air. On Tuesday 19th January 2021 Danny Ladwa, our founder, did a telephone interview with BBC Radio Nottingham presenter Sarah Julian on their breakfast show.

(Photo Credit: Gem Rey)

Click here to listen back to the lockdown lesson and interview on BBC SOUNDS (begins at 02:22:55)

As you might know for younger children we use words to assist in teaching the art of beatboxing as it helps kids to remember the rhythms and it's basically more fun that way too. The rhythm Danny had planned to deliver was classic 'Drum & Bass' and the only 4 words we use to teach this are 'BOOM', 'KA', 'TICKLE and 'CHICKEN'.

What we didn't know, which was a nice surprise, was that Danny was going to get Sarah and Rebecca Brice, the shows producer, to give it a go. They of course both jumped right on it and gave it a blast and did a stellar job in fact. Loads of fun!

Also, check out this video that Danny made for BBC's social media pages, demonstrating how these 4 words work to create the rhythm of Drum and Bass music. Here's the link!

Enjoy and don't forget to comment below!

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