Creating unique music can seem like an impossible task as you listen to the same tracks over and over on the radio each day. The nature of the music industry dictates that similar beats are used to make different tracks fit for the charts. One part of the music world that can be changed and dictated, however, is what you do personally. Learning to beatbox can open up a range of different beats, sounds and tracks that you had never considered, and you never knew you had locked away.

At School of Beatbox you can discover the potential of your mouth to make sounds and music that can’t be copied or repeated anywhere in the world. This opportunity to learn how to beatbox can be done completely online with UK championship beatboxer, Danny Ladwa, who has created a platform packed full of lessons for you to learn from.

Choose the first package from School of Beatbox and start your journey towards unparalleled tunes:

  • BEATBOX Essentials: Over 15 lessons, you will learn everything from the basic kicks and hi-hats through to more complex sounds and beats. With these skills in tow you can create tracks that are utterly unique to your style; which you can hone in between each lesson. A welcome pack and a School of Beatbox handbook all come included in this initial Essentials package.

To find out more about Danny Ladwa and what other packages are available, get in contact with him today.