Of all the musical instruments in the world from the recorder or saxophone to the piano or bassoon, none can match the versatility of the human voice. Our vocals can create different pitches, frequencies and tones. We can tell stories and express emotions through spoken word, poetry and song. We can also imitate the sounds of a drum machine, real life drum kit or virtually anything else by learning how to beatbox.

Danny Ladwa is a UK championship beatboxer and founder of School Of Beatbox. He has toured the world and now teaches people this art form through online courses and group workshops. After over 25 years of practicing beatboxing, Danny says he’s still learning how to make new sounds.

How Can You Learn The Art Of Human Beatboxing

School Of Beatbox offers private 1:1 beatbox lessons, online courses and group workshops for schools and corporate events. Learn the basic sounds like the Bass Drum, Hi Hats and the Snare as well as sound effects like the Lip Roll the Throat Bass and the DJ Scratch.

If you’re looking to take your vocal training or singing lessons to the next level you should give beatboxing a try. School Of Beatbox could have just what you’re looking for.

To find out more about what School Of Beatbox can offer, get in contact.