That last minute panic wondering if the gift will be delivered on time or the complete mental block, having no clue of what to buy. These situations are all too common and the fact is when it comes to looking for a perfect, and sometimes unusual, Christmas gift the myriad options can cause confusion.

Danny Ladwa, a UK championship beatboxer and founder of School Of Beatbox, has been teaching people the art of beatboxing through online courses and private 1:1 lessons. People of all ages enjoy learning how to make the sounds of a drum machine with their mouths – like the Bass Drum, Snare and new age sounds like the Throat Bass and the Liproll.

How Can I Buy Beatbox Lessons As A Gift

Once you buy an online beatbox course like the ‘BEATBOX Xtra’ course which has over 30 lessons you can download a gift certificate ready to print and make someone’s Christmas extra special. This beatbox course can make the ideal unusual Christmas gift or stocking filler.

BEATBOX Xtra: Over 30 beatbox lessons teaching the beatbox basics plus how to add bass, drum fills, breathing techniques, sound effects like the Throat Bass, the Vocal Scratch and the Click Roll and how to put it all together.

To find out more about what courses are on offer, get in contact with School Of Beatbox.