When it comes to buying gifts for men, women or children there are some people in our lives where that perfect something just jumps out at us. It’s a great feeling when you know the joy that present will bring them when they open it. For others, we might feel that a particular type of gift is required, like a creative gift or something completely unique.

School Of Beatbox might have the perfect ‘out-there’ gift or stocking filler for the occasion. Danny Ladwa, founder of School Of Beatbox, is a UK championship beatboxer and has been teaching people the art of human beat boxing for over 15 years and now has a full online beatbox course available. Perfect for anyone interested in singing and impressing people with a new vocal skill, a beatbox course could be the ideal gift that they didn’t see coming.

What Will I Learn In The Course

The course is split into 4 levels and you can upgrade to the next level at any time. The most popular gift for men, for example, is the ‘Xtra’ course which comes complete with over 30 beatbox lessons taking you step-by-step through the fundamental sounds like the bass drum, hi hats, snares and drum fills all the way to more advanced techniques like the Liproll. There are also breathing techniques and different rhythms or beat patterns to learn.

What’s really exciting is that when someone feels that they’ve mastered everything at a particular level, they can upgrade to the next stage. After the ‘Xtra’ course you can step it up to the ‘Xtra+’ course where you are invited to a monthly Live webinar going into certain beatbox skills in more detail.

To find out more about the gifts on offer, get in contact.