If you were asked what the number one most popular activity for children is, what would you say? Most people would suggest an activity related to music and they would be right! Yes, whether it is dancing, singing or playing a musical instrument – the category of music is definitely the one that speaks to all children and it’s right at the top of the list.

If you’re looking for fun activities for kids, you might want to check out what School Of Beatbox have to offer. Danny Ladwa, founder and UK Championship Beatboxer, teaches online beatbox classes for children from all over the world.

What Will Children Learn In A Class Or Online Course

Children attending a beatbox class will learn the basic sounds like the Bass Drum, Hi Hats and different Snares plus sound effects, rhythm exercises and how to put it all together in their own unique rhythms.

There are various beatbox activity options that kids can get involved in. Whether you choose a group beatbox class, an online beatbox course or private 1:1 beatbox lessons, kids will learn all of these things from a seasoned professional.

If you’re searching for activities for kids, choose School Of Beatbox. Get in contact to find out more.