So, I’m just going to come out and say it: Where Are All The Unique Team Building Days In London? I have spent a good amount of time perusing the web for options, particularly related to music, that are really quite different and I have to be extremely honest when I say, I just don’t think there are many. I’m talking about something that isn’t your standard sing-along type of affair.

School Of Beatbox offer something really quite different and something that is sure to keep everyone in your team immersed in the world of sound. Not any old sound though, we’re talking about sound all generated by the human voice and the human voice alone. A team-building day with School Of Beatbox is suitable for all team sizes and you will end the day with an all-vocal piece of music to perform and the almighty beatbox battle to see which team will wear the crown.

Music Makes Us Look Within And Lifts Us Up

Using the power of music as a tool to get in touch with our creative side is a sure way to get us to search within ourselves. There is no right or wrong, all the musical ideas that we come up with in the session can be used to create a completely unique track using state-of-the-art vocal looping equipment. Beatboxing is the art of vocal-percussion and your team will be led by a number of UK Championship Beatboxers (depending on the group size).

If you are looking for a unique team building day for your office, team or workforce this really could be just the thing that you’re looking for. Danny Ladwa, founder of School Of Beatbox has been beatboxing for over 25 years and teaching beatboxing for over 15 years.

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