When taking your first steps down the road of human beatboxing, you can be left thinking “how and where do I start”?. With all the different sounds that you can make with only the mouth and all the different rhythms and styles, taking the first step in learning how to beatbox can be one you hold back on. What are the main components when learning how to beatbox and becoming a successful beatboxer? Well most of it comes from you, you need to put in the time to practice and you need to have the passion to learn the art to begin with. There are other important factors though, like having a good teacher and a way that you can learn when you want.. feeling creative is not something you can plan after all, is it?

Danny Ladwa is a UK championship beatboxer and the founder of School Of Beatbox. He has created a platform for anyone to learn how to beatbox either via an online beatbox course or private lessons. Being a good beatboxer and being a good teacher are two very different things, they are both arts in themselves but you will be in safe hands as Danny has been beatboxing for over 25 years and teaching people of all ages and abilities for over 15 years.

The Proper Way To Learn How To Beatbox

With School Of Beatbox’s lessons you will learn not only how to make the sounds but also techniques that will help you fast forward your learning from being a mediocre beatboxer to a very good one. If you are seriously considering learning how to beatbox, School Of Beatbox is the place to start your journey.

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