Going to school is where children learn many life skills that can be transferred to almost any aspect of life. From friendships, reading and writing through to numeracy, acceptance and physical education. Within this, however, there is room for pupils at your school or your after-school class to learn something completely unique and interesting: Beatboxing.

At School of Beatbox you can book a professional UK Championship beatboxer to visit your school to provide a school workshop of the highest quality. Beatboxing is often dismissed when talked about in general, but that is only by people who have never tried it or heard the process behind it.

Here are three reasons to provide a school workshop for beatboxing:

  1. Open to everyone: Whatever noises you can make with your mouth can provide the main thread for beatboxing. After learning the basics with Danny Ladwa, your pupils will be able to start creating their own beats.
  2. Independent discovery: Following the school workshop, everyone that attended will be able to discover their potential. Using their beatboxing skills to layer tracks and make new music.
  3. Potential for development: If there are beatboxing enthusiasts that want to further their development, they can find online courses to complete after the school workshop.

If you would like to get more information about the contents and price of School of Beatbox’s school workshops, send a message today.