There are many benefits to being a participant in a beatbox workshop, apart from the obvious one’s like learning how to beatbox. Beatboxing is connected to the hip hop culture and is often referred to as the 5th element of hip hop. It is true that in a beatbox workshop delivered by School Of Beatbox you will learn how to make your voice sound like a drum machine and but there are many more benefits.

At School Of Beatbox you will learn all the lessons by UK Championship Beatboxer, Danny Ladwa who can visit your school, office or venue to inspire your group. Many people don’t know how broad the teaching goes when it comes to beat boxing – here are 3 simple points to illustrate.

Here Are Three Top Reasons:

  1. Beatboxing helps to develop one’s coordination: You will learn to use your mouth, throat and nose together to make beats.
  2. Beatboxing is great for building teams: Working out different parts of the song together and each making the noises is perfect for group activities.
  3. Boost Self Esteem Levels: Using the voice in a creative way can lift a person’s spirit and make them feel better about themselves.

If you would like to find out more about school workshops or for the workplace, get in touch with School Of Beatbox.