When I started learning how to beatbox I remember the ‘addiction to the art’ kind of feeling I had. I would be thinking about all the different beats and rhythms throughout the day and would blast them out at every opportunity. I would hear the complete soundtracks in my head and would try and replicate them the best I could. I surprised myself with how accurately I could imitate the soundtracks. I developed a hunger for beatboxing, a hunger that kept me asking “what other sounds can I make”. The journey continued, I got recognition and I’ve never stopped learning until this day.

Does this sound familiar? If you’re learning how to beatbox right now, I bet it does. I’m Danny Ladwa, the founder of School Of Beatbox. School Of Beatbox is a platform teaching the art of beatboxing to people across the world. I have been beatboxing for over 25 years, teaching for over 15 years and have been on an international touring schedule for approx 9 years. There are 3 online course options to choose from ‘BEATBOX Essentials’, ‘BEATBOX Xtra’ and ‘BEATBOX Xtreme’ Intermediate Online Beatbox Course teaching you how to beatbox with inclusive 1-2-1 online sessions and monthly webinars.

Why Did I Choose To Set Up An Online Beatbox Course?

After years of teaching in schools I found that many kids wanted to take their learning of the art form further. The problem was that often I’d be working with a specific group for only a couple of hours or maybe 1 day and that would be it. They would get a lot out of the session, it would be dynamic and inspiring (all the things I had planned) but the kids that really wanted to take it to the next level felt at a loss. That’s why I decided to set up School Of Beatbox and make the best beatbox teachings including private lessons and monthly webinars available for anyone across the world.

School Of Beatbox has gone from strength to strength and we’ve worked with over 2000 people in the first year. We plan to make things better and better and continue to upgrade the lessons available to ensure that students are getting the very best. It’s about quality and it’s about applying the many years of knowledge and expertise that I have to this.

If you’re planning on learning how to beatbox, get in contact with us now.