Hip hop is a spectrum. It isn’t pinned down by rules or regulations, it is free in its nature and its composition. The basics of hip hop are easy to understand and learn, but to master the world of hip hop and everything that comes with it is difficult. At School of Beatbox you can secure a hip hop workshop for your organisation, school, evening class or youth club to teach children and teenagers how to beatbox.

A simple skill such as making a pop sound with your finger and mouth is useful when it comes to beatboxing. You are using everything that you have at your disposal to create unique tracks and new sounds. When this is guided by a UK professional beatboxer in Danny Ladwa, everyone in the workshop will begin to develop their skills.

What is taught during a hip hop workshop?

A fun and inventive pastime, beatboxing is a great way to work another area of an individual’s mind. For a child developing quickly, they can use the skills learned in just one session to begin their journey. They will be taught the basic starting skills required to make a range of sounds in a fun and engaging manner.

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