When thinking about teambuilding for a company or organisation, one usually thinks about the strength of the team as a whole. A team, though, is only strong when the individual people within that team are strong in their particular role and the whole team working cohesively. Seeking out the right unique teambuilding days is an important step for any company to take if they want to succeed. School of Beatbox offers unique teambuilding days that put all members of the company from CEO’s to the Admin Assistants on the same playing field while they learn one of the coolest creative art-forms around.

School Of Beatbox delivers unique teambuilding days that will leave any group energised after they have learned the fundamental beatbox sounds, sound effects, how to create beat patterns, create their own soundtracks using vocal looping equipment and battle it out with their work colleagues to see which team wear the beatbox crown!

The rise of beatboxing

School Of Beatbox founder, Danny Ladwa, is a UK championship beatboxer, has been beatboxing for over 25 years and running workshops and teambuilding days for over 15 years. He’s toured the world extensively and worked with some of the music industry’s biggest names. “I wanted to offer something unique that exceeds all the tick boxes from clients. It’s super fun, super creative and teams are stronger when they leave”, Danny says.

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