I remember the day I learned that we retain information to a higher or lower degree when we either see, hear or say something (or we combine 2 or all 3 of these). For example, if we read something out aloud we tick all 3 of these boxes as we we are ‘see’ing the words, we are ‘hear’ing the words and we are ‘say’ing the words. It is proven that we are more likely to absorb the information this way than if we read it in our minds or listened to an audiobook. The more we can engage with something, the more we feel and the more we learn.

School Of Beatbox teach the the art of human beatboxing or vocal percussion. Once a student has learned the different sounds like the Bass Drum, the Hi Hats and the Snares they can then create their own rhythmic patterns. They, in effect, have been given the building blocks to create what they want.

How Does A Beatbox Workshop Work

A beatbox workshop with School Of Beatbox will take a group through vocal warm ups, the fundamental beatbox sounds and more advanced sounds like the Liproll and the Throat Bass. Once the basics have been taught it will then be time to create unique and fresh soundtracks using live vocal looping equipment.

The experience is not only simply lots of fun but it is an educational and transformational workshop that teaches people that we all have the ability and tools to be creative. Children and adults feel inspired and motivated after a beatbox workshop.

If it’s time to try a new method of active learning, get in contact with School Of Beatbox.