Learning to beatbox can be an idea many find daunting and people can feel that it is virtually impossible to nurture to a professional standard. It’s similar to seeing an amazing pianist play a complex piece seamlessly and then thinking of the steps one would need to take to get to that level. A wise man once said ‘The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step’.. now isn’t that the truth.

With technology at our fingertips today, the notion of wanting to learn to beatbox can be pursued so easily. Especially with the ways that you can learn with School Of Beatbox. You can choose from a complete online course, private 1-2-1 online lessons or private 1-2-1 face to face lessons. You will learn the skills from a championship beatboxer too! 

Beatboxing, From Beginner To Professional

Whether you want to learn to beatbox for your own pleasure or if you desire to take your skills to the stage, School Of Beatbox founder and UK championship beatboxer Danny Ladwa has the teaching experience and beatbox knowledge to get you there. Furthermore his passion for teaching the art form is where the real magic lies.

If you want to learn to beatbox, get in touch with School Of Beatbox today and don’t look back.