Taking up a new art, a new skill or starting a new venture often makes people feel like the road ahead is going to be a tough one. It’s amazing how quickly ones confidence can be lifted soon after they get started though. Take learning how to beatbox for example. You may have heard many incredible beatboxers and feel that you could never be that good.

Danny Ladwa, founder of School Of Beatbox, has been beatboxing for over 25 years and teaching beatboxing for over 15 years. He set up School Of Beatbox so that anyone in the world can learn how to beatbox at their own pace.

Learning How To Beatbox Is Not Difficult

Danny is a self-taught beatboxer and began learning how to beatbox from the age of 11. He learnt in the pre-internet era so had no access to online tutorials. With School Of Beatbox, Danny now provides a full online course and teaches people privately online. “It’s amazing how quickly I see people pick up the art-form. It’s quite an addictive art and one that you can practice wherever you are”, Danny says.

Learning how to beatbox is a unique experience for each individual. Each persons sounds can be quite different and we are drawn to different musical styles. Each person who learns how to beatbox has a different connection with their art. Making music with the voice is probably the most organic and immediate way of getting a musical idea heard by others.

If you are interested in learning how to beatbox, get in touch with School Of Beatbox today.