The voice is powerful beyond limitation it seems. Looking back over history you can find tribes that use their vocals in ways that leave your mind, literally, blown. What about the different languages and dialects across the world with varying use of our common anatomy. Let’s take a journey down the road of learning how to beatbox. Beatboxing is the art of vocal percussion where one can express them-self freely and musically by using the voice alone.

Danny Ladwa, founder of School Of Beatbox, teaches the art of human beatboxing. Danny is a UK championship beatboxer and has toured the world extensively. Students can take the online course in beatboxing or learn 1-2-1 with Danny and other professional beatboxers.

No Limits

With the ever changing landscape of music styles and trends, beatboxing is proving to be an art form that truly has no limits. Beatboxers are finding new ways to produce sub-bass frequencies by just using their mouths and other new techniques are coming to the surface to be shared with the community.

Danny Ladwa has a mission to bring all these lessons to the people who want to learn. The online courses are suitable for all beatbox levels and his teaching experience ensures that you will have each sound and technique broken down.

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