Enjoying a good sing song has been an innate thing for most people from a very young age. Using our voice as a way to celebrate and have fun is something that we all do as children and only some of us continue to do so freely as we get older. Some of us take up singing lessons and many more of us only save our vocal prowess for the shower.

School Of Beatbox teach a different way that we can celebrate using our voice and that is through the art of human beatboxing. Beatboxing is an art-form that began in the early 80’s when people would imitate the sounds of drum machines by only using their mouths. If you’re interested in singing lessons, you might be interested in beatboxing too.

How Can I Learn To Beatbox

Danny Ladwa, UK Championship Beatboxer and founder of School Of Beatbox, believes that everyone has the ability to beatbox. He has been teaching children and adults these vocal skills for over 15 years and has even created a complete online beatbox course teaching every sound from ‘The Hi Hat’ to the ‘Liproll’ step by step.

Danny is a singer himself and says that beatboxing helps him to write songs. Today Danny is teaching people this amazing art of vocal percussion to people from all over the world. If you are looking for singing lessons for yourself or for someone else, you might want to check out what School Of Beatbox have to offer.

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