Learning a new skill is something that we do for practical reasons as well as to make us feel good about ourselves. It’s something that we do to impress our peers and because we know that continued learning of new things keeps our mind and well-being in good health. Whatever the motivation is for taking on a new challenge, we can all agree that this is a ‘good’ thing.

With technology at our fingertips you can now try learning how to beatbox with School Of Beatbox. Beatboxing is the art of vocal percussion, also known as human beatboxing, and is tons of fun. Danny Ladwa, School Of Beatbox’s founder, is a UK championship beatboxer and has been beatboxing for over 25 years. Could beatboxing be your new thing?

Is It Time To Take On A New Challenge

The art of human beatboxing began in the early 1980’s when people would imitate the sounds of drum machines using only their mouths. It is now an art form that has rapidly grown over the years and we now have the old school beatbox sound compared with the new school.

School Of Beatbox offer various options for you to take control of your in-built instrument and start composing your own beats and rhythms. You can take an online course, get private tuition and even attend a workshop. Being taught by championship beatboxers with years of experience ensures that you will learn in the best way possible.

To discuss the options and start learning, get in contact with School Of Beatbox.