You probably don’t realise it, but you already have the skills to beatbox. When you tell the punchline of a joke and go for a sarcastic drum sound; when you hum along to your favourite song on the radio; or when you try and make a little kid laugh with a funny noise. The only thing you’re yet to unlock is how to use, coordinate and merge them to make something utterly unique.

At School of Beatbox, run by UK Championship Beatboxer Danny Ladwa, you can learn and discover about the amazing and fun world of beatbox. You can enrol on an online course packed full of beatbox lessons which you can access from your laptop in London, Liverpool, Manchester or anywhere in between.

What are involved in School of Beatbox’s lessons?

They’re developed and setup to help you gain experience from simple hi hat sounds and drums all the way to layering your own tracks and sounds. Danny Ladwa’s expertise as a professional beatboxer ensures that the online video lessons are explained simply and easily for you to follow. What’s more is that if you choose the Xtra+ or Xtreme package, you will receive monthly webinars with Danny himself.

To develop and learn a new skill that is waiting to be unlocked, choose School of Beatbox. Get in contact to find out more.