The aim of a teambuilding day is more than just building your team, it’s about building up the individuals that make up that team. It is about putting all the players in your team on a level playing field. That’s your managers, admin staff, CEO’s, directors, marketing department all discovering something completely new and in doing so you break down unnecessary barriers and bond as a team. Well this is what you get when you book a unique teambuilding day with School Of Beatbox and you’ll also have loads of fun in the process.

In this unique teambuilding day your team will learn about the history of beatboxing, they will be guided through some fun vocal warm up exercises before learning the 3 fundamental sounds in beatboxing. You’ll all then learn some impressive sound effects, which at first listen, sound far too complicated to replicate. For example, the vocal scratch (imitating the sound made when a DJ scratches a record) will be broken down into 4 simple steps. Once your team has the fundamentals and a few cool sound effects in the bag, it will be time to split into teams before the final battle to see which team has the best sound.

Music Is Everywhere

From the sounds of nature, early morning bird song perhaps, to the sounds of a bustling city. The rhythm of a passing train or the sound of your own heartbeat. Music is truly all around us at all times and it is a rhythm we can all tap into. Part of the process is the process of letting yourself go and trusting that the rhythm that your hear or feel can be expressed and shared outwardly. Like with beatboxing, you must trust that you can find the sound and groove within your vocal capacity in order for it to become a reality. A unique teambuilding session with School Of Beatbox could be just what your team needs right now.

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