A snow-globe gets shaken up to release all those little pretend snow particles, the globe wakes up, it becomes alive before it slowly all settles again. You can see this type of shaking up needed in workplaces all over London and beyond. It is important to throw in some fresh energy and invite collaboration with teammates to occur in a completely new and exciting way. A staff away day organised by School Of Beatbox could be the creative, confidence boosting energy that your company needs.

In a team building day with Danny Ladwa, founder of School Of Beatbox, your group will not only learn the art of human beatboxing but also will have composed and performed a complete new track by the end of the session. The difference here, though, is that the entire soundtrack will have been created using only the voice. Yes, that includes the rhythm, the bass line, the melody, the lyrics and even sound effects to top it all off.

Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Into Your Creative Zone

A big part of any staff away day is to bring your team together, of course, but Danny at School Of Beatbox says that “..it’s about putting everyone on a level playing field. That’s everyone, no matter what position they hold in the company, working together to create something awesome”. Beatboxing is a skill that requires you to be extremely present and in the moment. There will be various things happening in your throat, lips, vocal chords, lungs etc all simultaneously when you are beatboxing and it’s important to remain aware of what’s going on.

People are turned from feeling completely incapable of doing the tasks at hand to realising not only that they can but they also really enjoy the process. The voice is our most powerful instrument and it is truly amazing the sounds, techniques and creations we can discover when using nothing but the power of the voice.

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