Have you noticed how children seem to vocalise everything that’s on their mind, “I’m hungry”, “I want that”, “Let’s play this game”, “How does that work?”. They learn about the power of the voice from a young age, even if it, on occasion, it does come out in a tone that isn’t pleasing on the ear. But what if a child was taught to harness the magic of their vocals through a creative means.

School Of Beatbox founder, Danny Ladwa, offers children just that. He runs online beatbox classes for children where kids learn how to make the percussive sounds necessary to be able to beatbox as well as a range of cool sound effects like rockets, spaceships, didgeridoos, rockets and even violins. Learning to beatbox is not just about making different sounds but it’s also an effective way to write songs.

What are involved in the online beatbox classes?

They’re set up to be a safe place for children to explore the world of music using only their voices. Danny takes the children through the sounds of the bass drum, hi hats and snares before adding sound effects, bass, lyrics and combining them all to create brilliant beats and awesome songs. Furthermore, the classes are a great way to boost children’s confidence and self esteem and are not only good for developing a sense of rhythm and musicality.

To sign up a child to a new and fun music activity, choose School Of Beatbox. Get in contact to learn more.