If you’ve ever been startled by your phone ringing first thing in the morning, you’ll notice that your voice does not usually sound the way you want it to when you answer the call. You can experience a similar unexpected surprise when reaching for the high-note in your favourite pop tune without singing some lower notes first. Just like the muscles need a good stretch before getting into a workout routine, the vocals need warming up too.

School Of Beatbox teach a unique and specific type of vocal training – the art of human beat boxing. They offer full courses in learning the art form which teach you how to use your vocals as a complete instrument. So as well as learning how to beatbox, you will learn how to get the best out of your your vocal cords, your chest voice and your head-voice. School Of Beatbox published an article with their 5 top vocal warm up exercises.

How Beatboxing Can Train Your Voice

When you beatbox you are using 4 main areas: the chest, the throat, the mouth and the nose. The sounds that you create like the bass drum, the hi hats and the throat bass all help to strengthen these muscles that can improve vocal control and delivery. You can also try your hand at singing and beatboxing at the same time too!

The online courses by School Of Beatbox teach all levels including complete beginners and help you to take full control of your instrument. You can choose from the Essentials, Xtra, Xtra+ and the Xtreme course and take your vocal training to the next level.

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