Learning a new skill in your spare time is a great way to keep your mind occupied and developing while you are at school, college, university or work. If you have always been interested in beatboxing but never really known where to start, you will be amazed at the classes offered at School of Beatbox.

Taught and created by Danny Ladwa, a UK Championship beatboxer, you will be guided through an online beatbox class that touches on all the main skills that even the best beatboxers have to learn before progressing to the next stage. By the end of the beatbox course, depending on what package you have chosen, you will have the ability to create unique sounds and tracks.

What is involved in School of Beatbox’s online courses?

When you choose one of the three incremental courses at School of Beatbox everyone will be given the complete 15-lesson beatbox course, a downloadable welcome pack and a School of Beatbox handbook.

Engaging each pupil on the course with how to begin as a complete novice, you will unravel your potential with online beatbox classes. Learn how to create the hi-hat, The Kick and The Snare in combinations so that you can impress your friends and become more confident in your ability.

Find out more about the beatbox online courses offered by School of Beatbox by getting in contact.