Many things can lower our esteem levels, from financial trouble to a challenging childhood. How a person feels about themselves (self esteem) directly affects faith in one’s own abilities (confidence). Learning a new skill is a proven method to boost low self esteem levels and the act of being creative uses a part of the brain that is all-together different from our logical-thinking part of the brain. This new creative energy can help to further increase a person’s self esteem.

How about the art of human beatboxing? Beatboxing is the art of vocal percussion which originates from the early 1980’s when people imitated the sounds of drum machines with their mouths. Founder of School Of Beatbox, Danny Ladwa says that it is an art form that has the power to battle low self esteem levels while taking your mind away from everyday life.

How Do The Beatbox Lessons Work?

School Of Beatbox offer online beatbox courses, private 1:1 lessons and workshops for all ages and abilities. Danny is a UK championship beatboxer who struggled with low self esteem as a teenager due to his stutter. Beatboxing gave him the edge and confidence he needed and now he teaches adults and children this awesome form of art.

An online course with School Of Beatbox will take a budding beatboxer all the way from the fundamental sounds like the bass drum, hi hats and snare to special sound effects like the throat bass and the liproll. The course guides students via step-by-step tutorials which can be viewed anytime by simply logging in.

To start something new, choose School Of Beatbox. Get in contact to find out more.